Services Custom Tailored to Your Needs

“The Works” Package

  • ($4000) Compare to companies that charge $6,000+ for comparable packages.
  • This package includes fully comprehensive application guidance for 10 schools of your choice. This includes unlimited communication, editing and feedback, advice and support from the very beginning of your college application journey until your first day of college; essentially, I’m right there with you at each step of the way. “The Works” package clients can expect a standard turnaround time of 24 hours for general communication and a turnaround time of 48 hours for writing edits and feedback, unless otherwise agreed upon. Most students choose their top 10 schools for this package.
  • The following services* are provided:
    • Unlimited Communication
    • Application Strategy and Timeline
    • Personal Statement and/or Personal Insight Questions
    • Supplemental and Optional Essays
    • Resume Editing
    • Application Form Review
    • Social Media Consulting
    • Interview Preparation
    • Waitlist Navigation
    • *Specific additional needs can be met upon request
  • Though my coaching ends when you start college, my mentorship does not end for my “The Works” package students. I will always honor the bond that we form throughout this process and will continue to support you however I can in the future!
  • Comprehensive application guidance for additional schools can be negotiated.

The Essays Package

  • ($2500) Compare to companies that charge $3,500+ for this service.
  • This package includes all of the brainstorming, strategy, and unlimited content and editing feedback on all writing work for 5 of your college applications. This includes all personal statements, personal insight questions (UC, MIT), supplemental and optional essays, addendums, etc. Most students choose their top 5 schools for this package. There is a 48-hour turnaround time for edits and feedback.
  • Our time together ends once all 5 applications are submitted.
  • Additional essays can be negotiated.

Individual Services

Personal Statement/Personal Short Answer Essays Brainstorm and topic selection along with detailed edits and feedback on 3 full drafts, along with three 30-minute calls (one call per draft) to discuss revisions and direction. (Inquire for pricing)

Supplemental Essays Brainstorm and topic selection along with detailed edits and feedback on for one draft, along with a subsequent 20-minute call to discuss revisions and direction. (Inquire for pricing)

Resume Help Custom resume template provided along with 3 resume draft edits, one 30-minute initial strategy call, and two 15-minute revision calls. (Inquire for pricing)

College Selection/Application Strategy Custom application tracker provided along with one 40-minute initial strategy call and two additional 20-minute calls to build a target-school list tailored to you. (Inquire for pricing)